Lion: Pride Before the Fall

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Lion: Pride Before the Fall

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Lion: Pride Before the Fall

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Lion: Pride Before the Fall

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Lion: Pride Before The Fall.

A landmark photographic book which portrays the lifecycle of the African Lion in all its natural beauty, drama and raw ferocity.

Lion: Pride Before The Fall, presents a stunning collection of wild Lion photography with a clear, vital message: join the fight to protect the last remaining wild African Lions… or risk losing them forever.

Conceived by critically-acclaimed photographer George Logan in collaboration with The Born Free Foundation, this remarkable wildlife book brings the plight of Africa’s remaining Lions into sharp focus with its array of poignant, thought-provoking images. This book serves as a stark reminder of all that we stand to lose. Because with fewer than 20,000 Lions left, the time to act is now if, together, we are to secure a future for Africa’s most iconic species.

This large format, hardback coffee table book of 176 pages  features a stunning collection of photographs, celebrating the lifecycle of the Lion in all its raw beauty, as well as a dedicated conceptual art section.

We will support this project with a short film, exhibitions, social media campaigns and publicity stunts, all aimed at raising funds and awareness for Lion conservation.

Only one in four cubs makes it to adulthood…

and only one in eight males will make it to the head of the pride.

The tortuous route to survival is fraught with danger.


Where will the proceeds raised by this book be going?

All proceeds from this book will raise vital funds to support, protect and help re-establish ‘The Last Lions of Meru’ in Kenya.

Solar panels Providing solar panels on ranger outposts to enable radio communications.
Camera traps Installing camera traps to help identify new Lion populations.
Monitoring & tracking Providing specialist computer equipment for Born Free staff, enabling them to survey, track and record field data.
Conservation education With Compassionate Conservation at its core, Born Free works with communities who live alongside wildlife to promote tolerance and co-existence.
Supporting anti-poaching patrols Born Free works closely with the KWS anti poaching units, to help protect the wildlife of Meru.
Lifetime care for rescued Lions Wild animals at Born Free's sanctuaries and rescue centres are given lifetime care and spacious environments in which they can live out their days in the peace and respect they need and deserve.

“As I write this, in spring 2020, we are in the middle of a pandemic. We are homebound – allowed to go out for a walk near our home for one hour each day.  Access to shops is rigidly controlled.  It is a kind of captivity. This remarkable book opens our eyes and hearts to the beauty of nature and of wild animals. We are in Africa, home to one of our planet’s most magnificent and yet vulnerable wild creatures.  Lions, the symbol of power and strength have, all too often, had their other characteristics forgotten or ignored.  Loving, loyal, protecting of their young – and also jealous, competitive and ferocious.”

Born Free co-founder and actress Virginia McKenna OBE


Did you know…
Pride males usually only reign for 2-3 years maximum, before they are deposed.
Lion prides vary enormously in size but typically contain around 13-15 individuals – although there can be as many as 30.
Lions across Africa are considered to be vulnerable to extinction, with most populations classified as Endangered.


Pouncing practice

By about 3 months of age, cubs can begin following their mothers and will start to eat meat. They may start participating in hunts from around 11 months, although they can’t survive on their own until they are around 2 years old.









Problem neighbours

Lion interaction with other species usually ends up with the other animal becoming a meal. However, it’s not always one way.

Confrontations with Hyenas, Buffalo, Elephant, Hippos and Crocodiles, can often result in severe problems for Lions… especially the cubs.








Foreword by Virginia McKenna OBE

“This remarkable book opens our eyes and hearts to the world of the African Lion, of one of our planet’s most magnificent and yet vulnerable wild creatures. Symbols of power and strength, Lions have all too often had their other characteristics forgotten or ignored – their loving nature, their loyalty, how they protect their young, their jealousy, competitiveness and ferocity.”










There are many wonderful wildlife photographers, but George’s images are amongst the most intriguing, thought-provoking and original.

Born Free founder and actress Virginia McKenna OBE

The human race has to now decide whether it is prepared to share the planet with the last few surviving of the most iconic predator.

George Logan