Lion ink

As part of this ongoing project we have met and photographed a wide variety of people who have chosen to adorn their bodies with Lion tattoos.

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 Canned hunting protest

“Of all the threats facing Lions, ‘canned hunting’ is the most abhorrent.

I can understand why habitat loss is happening and why local herdsmen want to protect their livestock, but the practice of paying up to $50,000 to shoot a Lion, with a high powered rifle in an enclosure where he has no escape, is especially disgusting.”

We are planning something big to help highlight the horror of canned hunting…

Watch this space!

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Visiting Meru

We arrived back from Meru the day the UK went into Lockdown.

It was incredibly important for us to be able to visit the Born Free team over there to see exactly where the funds from the book’s sales will be going, and just how much a difference your help can make.

We had the opportunity to shoot both stills and moving image footage for our Kickstarter campaign. For us it is vital to be able to share this imagery with you and hope that it helps communicate our message; join the fight to protect the last remaining wild African Lions… or risk losing them forever.


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Lion: Pride Before the Fall

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There are many wonderful wildlife photographers, but George’s images are amongst the most intriguing, thought-provoking and original.

Born Free founder and actress Virginia McKenna OBE

The human race has to now decide whether it is prepared to share the planet with the last few surviving of the most iconic predator.

George Logan